Smash your Marketing KPIs Masterclass

We know the pressures you face as a marketer. You have to create exciting, engaging campaigns, while also continuously striving to meet your marketing goals & KPIs. How do you balance both? It’s about targeting customers throughout their experience — a topic we’re covering in our latest on-demand webinar. 

Join Marketing Strategist Alexandra Smit, to learn how you can Smash Your Marketing KPIs. You’ll leave knowing: 

  • The key phases of the customer experience and which marketing tactics to use at each phase
  • How to grow your customer base by reaching new customers right at the point of decision-making
  • How to encourage customer advocacy over time
  • What leading and lagging indicators and measures of success you should look for

Marketing Strategist, APAC, Cheetah Digital

Alex is an experienced Marketing Consultant in Asia Pacific who believes in result-driven marketing. With over 7 years’ experience in digital marketing and a proven track record with brands across Australia, Hong Kong and South Africa. Over this time she has collaborated with companies, developing effective multi-channel marketing solutions that drive customer loyalty, acquisition and retention. She strives to help clients solve their business problems, through a dynamic consultative and collaborative approach.