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After a period of disruption unlikely to be seen again, travelers are returning to the roads, seas, and skies. But their tripping needs and patterns, be they for business or pleasure, have changed permanently. For marketers in travel and hospitality, understanding each customer’s unique preferences and comfort is now more critical than ever before.

Cheetah Digital’s Customer Engagement Suite (CES) is the only enterprise-scale, best-of-breed solution that enables travel marketers to create automated yet highly personalized experiences effortlessly. A unique combination of tools helps airlines, cruise lines, booking companies, hotels, motels, and holiday inns, achieve incremental trips, higher yield, and ancillary revenue. Our award-winning digital platform is a lifecycle packaged tour from unified data and intelligent offers to omnichannel messaging and next-gen loyalty. Satisfy your guests’ and passengers’ preferences, so there is a return trip.

There and back again. A Hobbit's tale



Philosophers friend - times have been a’changin’ 

Today the only thing you know about your guests and passengers is that you know nothing. The past year has meant that old preferences and priorities have changed. Attitudes and habits shifted. When approaching how to communicate with new and existing customers, be they loyalty members, infrequent flyers, business travelers, or vacationers, make sure the data profile you have on them is up to date and relevant.



We'll see you when you get there 

The travel purchase path is no longer linear. Travelers engage on various devices across multiple channels, yet they expect you to communicate with them as ONE person. Orchestrate 1:1 interactions in real-time across all channels and touchpoints, so your customers feel heard, loved, and respected.




Fly this plane and land it? Surely you can’t be serious 

Oh, we are serious. And don’t call us Shirley. We are very serious that marketers should be able to have complete control and confidence over the digital systems they use and manage traveler engagement from end-to-end seamlessly. Let’s face it, airline and hotel IT environments are complex. Integrating more vendors only adds to this problem. It’s time to simplify with a single provider.

Packing the right things



The magic of Loyalty 

Let loyalty marketers market. Cheetah Loyalty enables marketers to retain and deepen their customer relationships by transforming guest interactions and data into actionable moments. Travel and hospitality brands can deliver meaningful, personalized experiences to members. Transcend mere points and discounts to build the emotional loyalty that keeps travelers coming back more often.



Engagement Data Platform 

Consolidating your data is one thing; using it to drive revenue is another. Our EDP creates a single source of truth, compiling all customer data in one clear, accessible dashboard. With a single customer view, you will know your customers better and tailor experiences to them. Advanced machine learning, decisioning capabilities, and next-gen offer management tools can deliver the “next best action” for each traveler in real-time throughout the customer journey.



Experiences & Messaging 

You can no longer party like it’s 2019. Take control of your D2C relationships and communications with those considering spending with your brand. Use Cheetah Experiences, such as quizzes, polls, sweepstakes, and contests, to quickly understand preferences and attitudes in return for clear value exchange. Cheetah Messaging allows brands to send incredibly high message volumes and complex data operations on millions of daily records across all channels.

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Cheetah Digital’s CES

Learn about our Customer Engagement Suite. A perfect fit for travel & hospitality marketers.

Orchestrate real-time interactions

With Cheetah Personalization, marketers can leverage the power of machine learning and automated journeys to optimize marketing strategies, predict engagement behaviors, and connect with customers on a one-to-one basis.

Cheetah Personalization

Power your channels at scale

Industry-leading marketing requires industry-leading data management technology. Cheetah Engagement Data Platform is redefining enterprise-scale data collection, unification, segmentation, and insights. Our real-time data platform sits at the heart of every Cheetah Digital solution, enabling end-to-end customer lifecycle management across every touchpoint.

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Collect zero-party data

Cheetah Experiences allows you to create interactive campaigns that engage customers and collect first and zero-party data. By offering a value exchange, marketers can acquire the permissions needed to execute compliant and personalized cross-channel marketing campaigns.

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Create customer loyalty that lasts

Cheetah Loyalty’s agile, data-driven platform makes it easy to recognize and reward loyal behaviors across channels to encourage advocacy with every offer, point, reward, or promotion.

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Deliver seamless cross-channel communications

With Cheetah Messaging, marketers can easily deploy targeted and triggered cross-channel campaigns, compile data from multiple sources, and strategically promote desired customer behaviors — effectively increasing revenue and enhancing customer experiences.

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