Cheetah Product Vision and Personalization Strategy with Cheetah Digital CPO Bill Ingram

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Chief Product Officer Bill Ingram is back on the stage for this year’s product keynote at Signals 20. At Cheetah Digital, product strategy is corporate strategy, and we’ve packed an exciting punch for a year's worth of platform innovation on the Customer Engagement Suite. Join Bill Ingram, Chief Product Officer at Cheetah, to discuss a year of accomplishments, what we’ve learned over the past year, our strategic investment themes, and an exciting product announcement.


Bill Ingram
Bill Ingram

Bill Ingram is the President at Cheetah Digital, where he leads the innovation team, which includes product management, product marketing, engineering, and user experience. With more than 25 years of experience in product leadership roles, Bill most recently led the Analytics Cloud business as Vice President and General Manager at Adobe. Preceding his years at Adobe, he worked at a variety of enterprise SaaS organizations including Sybase and Omniture. Bill lives in Utah with his wife, Amy, and three kids. When he is not working you can probably find him fly-fishing or cycling.

Bill will be live on November 10th for a keynote on Cheetah Digital's product vision and personalization strategy — you don't want to miss it!

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