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Youtility: How to Grow Your Business by Helping, Not Selling

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What happens when every fiber of your being is screaming SELL, and then someone tells you to prioritize helping instead?

It’s disorienting. It feels counterintuitive. But that’s exactly what Jay Baer is telling you to do in his session, Youtility: How to Grow Your Business by Helping, Not Selling. Jay will call you to look past the “old” ways of selling and customer service and evolve your thinking to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to massively propel your business forward. 

Customers are more cynical and protective than ever; to disarm them, it’s all about being genuinely helpful. That’s right — by being helpful, you become a Youtility, with marketing so helpful people will pay for it. Being helpful is the new currency and in this dynamic, hilarious, and thought-provoking session, you’ll find out how to out-help your competitors. 

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Jay Baer
Author & marketing expert
Jay Baer

Jay Baer teaches businesspeople how to turn their customers into more customers. A founder of five, multi-million dollar companies, Jay delivers highly customized, engaging keynote presentations on word of mouth, marketing, customer experience, and customer service. His consulting firm, Convince & Convert, provides strategic counsel to the world’s most iconic brands like Caterpillar, Oracle, 3M, Adidas, and The United Nations. The best-selling author of six books, Jay was recently inducted into the Professional Speaker Hall of Fame and the Word of Mouth Marketing Hall of Fame.

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