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Real Time Personalization

Activate your first and zero-party data to deliver highly personalized, dynamic offers and content based on real-time decisions on the real-time state of the consumer via email, SMS, and mobile wallet at scale. Trigger events that support re-marketing and retargeting efforts.

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Omnichannel Loyalty

Engage, reward, and incentivize customers to drive more revenue and interaction while optimizing your offers and building customer lifetime value. We help you provide a seamless customer journey that rewards behavior as well as transactions to foster emotional loyalty to your brand.

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Data-Driven Engagement

Cheetah Digital can help bring POS, ERP, and other data sources into a single, unified platform for real-time insights and activation. Marketers can easily discover and action opportunities, build audience segments, and orchestrate data with real-time interaction management.

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Journey Orchestration

Visually map and identify key target audiences and optimal channels in which to engage and leverage journey templates to deliver personalized experiences to each consumer in order to drive revenue, build lasting customer relationships, and deliver a unique value exchange throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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Acquisition & Enrichment

Turn marketing and advertising efforts into growing a privacy compliant consumer database using engaging experiences to convert the unknown to known. Gather zero-party data such as purchase intent and preference data at point of ingest to form a more complete view of consumer behavior.

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Top US Consumer Messaging Trends Broken Down By Age

Marketers know that audience behavior varies generation to generation. When it comes to brand messaging in brand experience, how far off are Gen X from Boomers? That’s what the 2022 consumer trends index reveals. In this short video we share a few critical differences on how email, SMS and even loyalty programs differ across age groups.

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Top Consumer Trends for Finserve to Capitalize on ASAP

Financial brands have seen some of the fastest digital transformations in history. Virtual banking, digital consumer interfaces and privacy laws have changed core products and services along with how brands need to communicate with their audiences. The 2022 Consumer Trends Index highlights where financial product marketers need to focus to stay relevant with consumers and shows the gaps in their relationship marketing strategies. Here are a few stats that should hit home hard for Finserve marketers.

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Consumers’ Biggest Frustrations With Brand Messaging Today

Most brands today are missing the mark when communicating directly to their audiences. The 2022 Consumer Trends Index highlights what consumers are most frustrated with when it comes to email, SMS, and other direct offers and content. Here are 5 frustrations from US consumers that may be wrecking your relationships with your customers… and what to do about them.

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