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Make highly regulated, highly engaging


Marketers in banking and finance are used to navigating regulations. Strict rules make it challenging to connect with consumers in a meaningful way, something now expected from all brands digitally. However, with the right tools and support, restrictions can spur creativity and see finserv brands uniquely differentiate from their competitors.

Our Customer Engagement Suite (CES) provides banking and finance marketing teams with an elevated set of industry-compliant solutions, enabling them to make bolder customer interactions. What has previously been one-way or transactional communications have increasingly become two-way and relational. With Cheetah Digital, better support your customer journeys by making them orchestrated and personalized across multiple channels. Increase customer lifetime value through engaging and meaningful experiences, as well as cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

This industry is complicated enough



The 3 S's - Security, Scale, & Support 

These elephants are staying in the room. S1. Ensuring adherence to regulations and security needs that require tailored system configurations and governance. S2. Enterprise-scale tools that help compliant brands manage seamless, multi-layered, global campaigns. S3. Full-support offerings by vendors with specialist industry knowledge ensure a consistent, efficient, and error-free adoption of solutions.



Monitoring your digital investments 

We know these tools ain’t cheap, and regulation only adds to the cost. CMO’s in banking and finance are always looking for ways to decrease spend and increase ROI. This alchemy IS possible if you look to consolidate marketing technology onto a single, compliant, and user-friendly platform. Also if you provide consistent experiences across key customer channels as part of a single user flow.




Relationships that last a lifetime 

If you’re doing it right, your customers, and their growing families (even their pets), will use your products and services for life. Consistently create better experiences over the entire life cycle, increase revenue by identifying — and acting on — cross-sell and upsell opportunities when they arise in your customer’s lives. Evolve your understanding further to grow engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Solutions that aren't taxing




With our data-driven solutions, financial institutions can get in-depth insights that enable them to make better business-critical decisions. They can understand and anticipate which customer behavior will drive engagement. We offer a robust but easy-to-use platform to allow for program optimization and communication personalization. Marketers can also support multiple brands with different business needs and deliver differentiated offers that match customer value, stage, and life events.



Messaging & Experiences 

Continuing our heritage as being trusted data stewards with capabilities designed to protect your customers. Messaging users ensure data security by tokenizing specific values and exchanging those for actual data at the time of sending. We also offer GDPR and CCPA compliant, permission-based lifecycle solutions to help finserv brands move toward customer-centricity. Have customers share their aspirational goals at that particular moment via Experiences.



Renowned Services Teams 

Our professional services team is here to provide a complimentary resource wherever possible. With an average experience of 14+ yrs in this ever-evolving sector, we make sure we keep ahead of the curve with flexible methodologies. Our security program is continuously involved in audits, risk assessments, and compliance checks across the entire CES, spear-headed by CISO Jill Knesek. SOC 2 compliant and FSQS accredited.

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We'd be happy to answer your questions and show you how our solutions help banking and financial services brands provide real value for their customers across the entire lifecycle.

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Cheetah Digital’s CES

Learn about our Customer Engagement Suite. A perfect fit for banking and finance marketers.

Orchestrate real-time interactions

With Cheetah Personalization, marketers can leverage the power of machine learning and automated journeys to optimize marketing strategies, predict engagement behaviors, and connect with customers on a one-to-one basis.

Cheetah Personalization

Power your channels at scale

Industry-leading marketing requires industry-leading data management technology. Cheetah Engagement Data Platform is redefining enterprise-scale data collection, unification, segmentation, and insights. Our real-time data platform sits at the heart of every Cheetah Digital solution, enabling end-to-end customer lifecycle management across every touchpoint.

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Collect zero-party data

Cheetah Experiences allows you to create interactive campaigns that engage customers and collect first and zero-party data. By offering a value exchange, marketers can acquire the permissions needed to execute compliant and personalized cross-channel marketing campaigns.

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Create customer loyalty that lasts

Cheetah Loyalty’s agile, data-driven platform makes it easy to recognize and reward loyal behaviors across channels to encourage advocacy with every offer, point, reward, or promotion.

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Deliver seamless cross-channel communications

With Cheetah Messaging, marketers can easily deploy targeted and triggered cross-channel campaigns, compile data from multiple sources, and strategically promote desired customer behaviors — effectively increasing revenue and enhancing customer experiences.

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