Death to Cookies: Long Live 1:1 Relationships


Marketers are in the midst of a radical change. As tracking cookies and third-party data strategies fall by the wayside, now is the time for marketers to step into a new way of doing things: a zero-party data strategy.

This guide will provide a clear, and easy-to-follow strategy to transition you from outdated, third-party-data-dependent methods into a newer, more compliant way to collect data and create personalized campaigns. As a bonus, the relationships your brand can grow from these new methods will help to future-proof your marketing strategies against the next disruptive technology changes.


66% of consumers feel ads based on tracking behavior are creepy

The majority of consumers feel adverts from shopping on other sites, offers after quickly exiting a site, retargeting ads or location-based ads are creepy. Just because marketers have access to certain data, doesn’t mean they should collect it or use it.







78% of marketers see no reason to discontinue using cookies

Google Chrome has announced plans to end its support of third-party cookies altogether by 2023. But that doesn’t mean that marketers should abandon personalization — it’s just time for a new, better approach.



92% agree that 1:1 personalization will be essential to marketing in the future

Once a zero-party data acquisition strategy is established, one-to-one personalization can begin. This is marketing to individuals, not large cohorts, across email, SMS, push notifications, and even advertising.