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The Customer Engagement Suite for Marketers

True digital transformation is only possible if your marketing data is actionable so you can engage customers intelligently, with personalized experiences that build customer lifetime value.

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CM Group and Cheetah Digital Merge

Cheetah Digital is merging with CM Group. This is an exciting next chapter in our evolution. Together with CM Group, we will define a new generation of marketing technology.

Signals21 Content Series

The award-winning Signals21 is better than ever. Browse through our incredible content from world-renowned brands and the brightest industry leaders.

Forrester Wave™: Email Marketing, Q2 2020

Find out why Cheetah Digital was named a Leader in both the Forrester Wave™: Email Marketing Service Providers, Q2 2020 and Loyalty Technology Platforms, Q2 2019 report!

Award-Winning End-to-End Data, Marketing and Loyalty Solutions


Deliver personalized experiences, cross-channel messaging and loyalty programs that add value to your customer relationships. The Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite enables marketers to rapidly scale and meet the demands of the modern consumer.

Meet Changing Consumer Expectations


The need for digital transformation is accelerating quickly and you need new capabilities to meet evolving expectations.
Cheetah Digital can help you get there quickly.


Consumer Expectations

Marketing Capabilities Needed

Treat me as an individual, not a segment
Single customer view and real-time personalization
Protect my data and don’t snoop on me
Permissions based data strategy
Act like one brand, however I interact with you
Cross-channel journey orchestration
Develop a relationship with me
Incent behaviors beyond transactions
Keep me coming back for more
Loyalty program management

A Personalized Path to Customer Engagement


We provide the integrated technology and services you need to build lasting, profitable and mutually-rewarding relationships with customers.


Unknown consumer

Grow Your

Turn marketing and advertising efforts into a consumer database using engaging experiences to convert the unknown to know


Turn marketing efforts into a consumer database using engaging experiences that convert the unknown to known.

Build Consumer

Build Consumer Profiles


Gather zero-party data (like purchase intent and psychographic data) at point of ingest to profile consumers.

Known customer

Unify Your

Unify Your Datasets


Bring POS, ERP and other first-party data into a single, unified platform for real-time insights and activation.

Segment &

Segment & Analyze


Discover opportunity, build audience segments and orchestrate data with real-time interaction management.

Retained customer


Bring POS, ERP and other first party data info a single, unified platform for real-time insights and activation


Deliver content and offers via email, SMS and mobile wallet at scale with deep analytics and optimization via machine learning.

At Scale

Personalization at Scale


Activate your first and zero-party data to deliver personalized messaging, journey orchestration and higher engagement.

Loyalty Member


Reward Loyalty


Engage, reward and incentivize customers while optimizing your offers and building customer lifetime value.


Foster Advocacy


Build a seamless consumer journey that rewards behavior and fosters emotional loyalty to your brand.

Research Leads Our Thinking


Consumers’ wants, needs, and preferences are clear. Our solutions help you navigate the current marketing environment to meet customer expectations at scale. 


Consumers are turned off personalized ads


39% of U.S. consumers don’t like personalized ads driven from cookie data.


In Australia 44% of consumers are turned off by personalized ads from brands.


Learn more in our report, "The Consumer's POV on Privacy, Messaging, Personalization and Brand Loyalty."

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Consumers have taken privacy steps


Of US consumers do not trust social media platforms with their data because of privacy issues.


Of consumers regularly delete cookies and 30% have installed an ad blocker.


Hear more from Forrester Analyst Fatemeh Khatibloo in "Colliding Worlds of Privacy & Personalization."

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Consumers will share data direct to a brand for value


Of consumers in Spain are happy to share data directly to a brand in return for a value exchange. Other markets had similar results. Discounts/coupons, and loyalty points/rewards were the most desired mechanics.


Hear more from Forrester Analyst Stephanie Liu in "An Illustrated Guide to Collecting Zero-Party Data."

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Email beats social ads for driving sales


Of US consumers have made a purchase from an email offer


Of US consumers have made a purchase from a social media ad


Of US consumers have made a purchase from a banner ad


Of US consumers are more likely to engage with an email offer if it personalized


Hear Bloomin' Brands CCO Michael Stutts on how real-time messaging fuels their D2C strategies.

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Consumers will be loyal if encouraged


In the U.K. 34% of consumers who may buy a given brand claim they are not loyal to that brand because they were not offered any encouragement to remain loyal


Hear Forrester's Emily Collins in "How to Create a Loyalty Strategy, Not Just a Rewards Program."

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Loyalty participation is on the rise


Almost 9 times as many US consumers are planning to participate in more loyalty programs in 2020 than those planning to reduce participation


Hear Andrew Szocs of Salling Group discuss how they hit their annual loyalty goals in only 4 weeks.

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